How to Make Autumn Flower Arrangements

Fall is the time to celebrate the harvest, whether it is the bounty of fruits and vegetables, flowers you have grown yourself, or just a bundle of beautiful fall foliage picked on a golden autumn day.


  1. Select a large vase and fill it with fresh, lukewarm water.
  2. Harvest a shopping bag full of flowers, vegetables and fall leaves from your garden. Cut flower and foliage stems at least 12 inches long – longer if you’re using a tall vase.
  3. Place green or fall foliage in the vase first. Arrange stems so that the tallest branches are toward the back of the vase. Lower stems go toward the front and will support the flowers and vegetables.
  4. Continue adding fall foliage until the vase just begins to get crowded.
  5. Make a fresh cut on the stems of the flowers and place them in the vase. They will be held in place by the foliage.
  6. Insert spike-shaped flowers toward the back of the arrangement and round-shaped ones low and in front.
  7. Fill in with more foliage if the arrangement appears wobbly at this point.
  8. Using bamboo skewers, skewer red peppers, miniature pumpkins, pomegranates, small eggplants, tiny artichokes, beans in their pods, and other waxy-skinned vegetables.
  9. Wrap hard-shelled nuts in small sections of old pantyhose, then wire them onto the skewers with floral wire.
  10. Place the skewered harvest into the vase. The vegetables should be displayed low in the arrangement or the finished design will look top-heavy.

Beans can be speared vertically or horizontally, depending on your design.
Keep your arrangement looking fresh by placing it in a cool location away from direct sunlight and heater vents.
Top off the water in the vase daily and remove spent foliage, flowers and vegetables as they begin to fade.

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