How to Make a Leather Pouch

This leather drawstring pouch is another good beginning leather-work project. Make this pouch any size you like.


  1. Choose a soft, supple type of leather for the pouch. Use leathers such as doeskin, chamois, garment-weight suede or buckskin. Also choose leather lacing or thong for the drawstring closure.
  2. Make sure to choose a piece of leather that’s large enough to make the pouch in the desired size.
  3. Dye the leather if you wish. See “How to Dye Leather,” under Related eHows, for instructions.
  4. Use a pencil and a ruler to measure out the dimensions of your pouch. Make the pouch as one long rectangle to be folded in half and stitched up the sides, or cut out two equal rectangles to be stitched on all sides.
  5. Round out the portion of the pattern pieces that will make up the bottom of the pouch – it will give a rounded rather than square shape to the pouch. This is an option if you cut two pieces for the pouch.
  6. Cut out the pouch pieces with leather shears or a sturdy pair of scissors.
  7. Use a stitching awl to punch a series of holes in the leather about 1/8 inch from the edge. Leave the top portions of the pouch pieces alone for now.
  8. See “How to Use a Stitching Awl in Leather Work” and “How to Sew a Double Needle Stitch on Leather,” under Related eHows, for instructions on making the stitching holes and sewing the sides of the pouch together with waxed linen thread.
  9. Use a rotary punch to make a series of large holes at the top of the sewn pouch. Make sure the diameter of each hole matches the diameter of the leather lacing or thong.
  10. Thread the lacing or thong through the large holes, going in at one hole and out through the next. Repeat until all holes have been laced.
  11. Make sure the free ends of the lacing or thong are even, then knot the ends together.

Choose dyed garment-weight leather for the pouch. Many of these types of leather come in a wide variety of colors. This will save you from having to dye the leather yourself.
Make your pouch from one large circle of leather. Punch holes along the perimeter of the circle, approximately 1/4 inch from the edge, for lacing, and gather the leather into a pouch.
Use a sewing machine and a wedge-point needle to sew lightweight leathers.
Use a special lacing needle to pull the lacing or thong through the holes at the top of the pouch, or just cut the tip of the thong to a point and use your fingers to insert the lacing.

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