How to Create a Latch Hook Kit

Latch hook is rug making using a hook to make a looped pile from yarn or fabric on an even-weave base fabric. For a beginner, the best way to try latch hook is to purchase a kit. If you have a little experience, then you can design your own kit.

  1. Choose a pattern.
  2. Enlarge it to the size of rug needed. If you are enlarging the pattern with a copy machine, watch that the design does not become distorted.
  3. Decide on and purchase wool or acrylic rug yarn to complete the project. A good pattern will tell you how many yards of yarn you need.
  4. Include tools if they’re not on hand: latch hook, binding tape, scissors and 3.3-square-per-inch mesh polyester/cotton canvas.
  5. Add the little extras. A latch hook frame is for the person “hooked” on rug making. A magnifier helps keep eyes from getting tired.
  6. Consider specialized and various-size hooks and fringe yarn as well.
  7. Present the kit, if it is a gift, in a pretty basket.

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