How to Backstitch When Embroidering

Frequently done in black, the basic backstitch – a continuous chain of overlapping stitches – outlines an embroidered design. The backstitch appears frequently in black work embroidery, a centuries-old form of elegant needlework featuring geometric designs made with black silk thread on white or ivory linen.


  1. Begin at the right end of the pattern line.
  2. Visualize points 4-3-1-2 an equal distance apart along the line.
  3. Bring the needle up through the bottom of the fabric at point 1.
  4. Insert threaded needle at point 2, and then bring it up at point 3.
  5. Insert needle at point 1, then bring it up at point 4.
  6. Continue repeating this sequence, working from right to left.

All stitches must be of equal length.

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