Create a Heart-in-Hand Valentine Card

This Valentine card shows a hand holding a heart in its palm and is a great project for a child.

  1. Fold a piece of construction paper or card stock into whatever size you would like the card to be. Make sure it will be large enough to fit an entire hand on its cover.
  2. Trace your hand or a child’s hand on the front of the card using a pencil. Make sure you center the hand while tracing. Be careful that the hand does not move during tracing.
  3. Look at the hand after you trace it and be sure it is a shape you like. Make any corrections, such as straightening any wobbly lines.
  4. Extend the hand to the bottom of the card or draw a line closing it off at the wrist.
  5. Draw or trace a small heart in the center of the palm area of the hand using a pencil. A small, heart cookie cutter will provide an easy heart template.
  6. Go over the hand and heart outlines with marker, crayon or paint. Erase any pencil lines that can be seen.
  7. Paint or color-in the heart and hand. For the best contrast, use different colors for the heart and hand. Add fingernails to the hand if you like.
  8. Decorate the rest of the card with complementary colors and designs.
  9. Write a message inside the card. “My heart is yours to hold” is one idea that refers to the front design.

For more elaborate cards, trace the heart and hand on construction paper, scraps of wallpaper, fabric or any other materials. Cut them out and glue first the hand, then the heart on the front of the card.

Try using a heart-in-hand cookie cutter if you do not want to create the hand and heart shapes yourself.

Make one card and make color copies for Valentines to give to a whole class or group of friends or relatives.
Glue a foil-wrapped candy heart in place of a drawn heart on the front if you want your recipient to get a sweet treat.

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